photo by my girl Katie McKay

photo by my girl Katie McKay

I am a sound-loving radio artist.

My radio documentaries have aired on CBC, ABC, BBC as well as in a weather observatory in France and a grain silo in Norway. I'm particularly curious about the nature of time, my doc on the subject Dr.Clock was a finalist for the Prix Italia in 2015. Right now I am working at the CBC producing Sleepover with Sook-Yin Lee.

Due to my deep love of the internet, I also make interactive documentaries. I won a National Community Radio Award for a project I produced in collaboration with Halifax Public Libraries. It's called StackStories you can check it out here. And I co-created a watery web experience called BODY OF WATER.

Whenever I'm not holding a mic I can be found collecting strong female vocals, braiding hair on air, and reminding myself to go for a swim.


t: @veesimmonds