What time is it? A simple question. A question we have all asked and answered countless times in our lives. It’s a question that connects us to each other, makes friends of strangers, makes us late and early. 

And for Dr.Clock this question is his life.

Dr. Clock is a horologist living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is in the business of time - fixing, testing, buying and selling clocks and watches. His whole life revolves around helping people figure out what time it is. But he is the first person to tell you that time doesn’t exist.

I made a small film about Dr.Clock and then I adapted that film into a radio documentary for Soundproof - an incredible show from ABC Radio National's Creative Audio Unit. I was lucky enough to work with the magical sound mind of John Spence on this adaptation. You can HEAR IT HERE

And here is the original film produced as part of the Centre for Art Tapes Media Arts Scholarship program, it has been shown at the Halifax International Film Festival as well as the Re:Frame International Film Festival: