Here are some docs I've produced for the CBC show Spark:

Behind all the perceived progress of the information age there are still a lot of old labour systems at work. For this piece I got to take a look at the hidden social reality behind the digital world. 

I saw an intriguing video online showing blind people 3D printing their memories. So I decided to look into it. This is what I found out.

Wikipedia has a problem.  Of the 20,572,652 editors that populate the online encyclopedia, only 13 per cent are women. I wrote about this gender gap for The Coast and then I took on an unscientific experiment for CBC Spark to find out why more women aren't editing. You can hear that here.

I produced this piece for CBC’s Spark about the future of sound online. I had the pleasure of speaking to the illustrious Dr.Michael Bull (director of the European Sound Studies Association), Nic Boshart (manager of Digital Initiatives at the Walrus) and I mention the glories of the online-storytelling site Cowbird. Grab an earful over here.

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